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Non Plastic Beach

Toothpaste tablets - box of 240

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240 chewable fluoride toothpaste tablets in a cardboard box with no water and zero plastic, these are perfect for hand luggage, travel and every day use.

At last a plastic-free toothpaste that has fluoride in it (as recommended by every dentist ever) to protect the one set of teeth you get for life.

Non plastic beach have made toothpaste in dry tablet form, so they don’t transport the water & neither do you, making them 100% hand luggage friendly.

No more worrying about toothpaste in your bag at airport security, toothpaste stained clothes or a suspiciously “minty” broken laptop/iPad.

If you are regular traveller, these will help cut down plastic waste twice over, helping you to avoid the clear plastic bag debacle at the security scanners.

The tablets are made in Berlin, Germany, which means they are made to EU standards.

The Box: Compostable or recyclable cardboard box with no plastic windows or coatings.

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